Who we are...

We are entrepreneurs who have scaled businesses. We know what it takes and we are driven to assist those who want to do the same.


What we do...

We bring groups of entrepreneurs to Miami for 3 months and provide them with seed capital, regimented mentorship, office space, access to markets and customers and through our education campus "we grow our own" and provide startups with talent. 


Paraphrasing Peter Drucker - "We want more and more customers, using more and more of our products and services more and more often."

                 The phrase has stuck with us

Core Competencies...

We drive both Creativity and Effectiveness.  One without the other is a zero sum gain.



Why Miami?

- Miami, one of the most strategically important cities in the world, has the opportunity to build the next great global entrepreneurial ecosystem. Missing is the nucleus that brings entrepreneurs together with role models willing to mentor, capital prepared to invest in game-changing ideas, talent bringing those ideas to life and access to global markets.


MaverixLab intends to be that nucleas by providing seed capital, formal mentorship, education and access to markets and follow-on investment.


- Miami has always represented a city of possibilities.  It has attracted people from across the globe...those who are determined, defiant, fighters.  Having collectively mentored and advised hundreds of companies, we recognize these qualities to be same for great entrepreneurs.  Like-minded people are attracted to like-minded places and MaverixLab will leverage that collective dynamism.  

The Accelerator 


INVESTMENT - We will invest in startups…dozens of TECH startups. Each company receives a small amount of capital and 3 months of office space, mentorship, admin. services and the opportunity to demo their products to advisors, customers, and investors. In exchange we will receive equity in those startups.


APPLICATION PROCESS - Our startups come from around the globe and come to MaverixLab through an application and submission of business plans.  We have a bias towards companies applying technology to solve big problems.  The selected teams will move to Miami and participate in a 3 month program spent intensely working on their product, consulting with the MaverixLab team & designated mentors.


COHORTS –Cohorts or classes of startups rather than individual companies will go through the program together.



Education Campus


We will reinvent the notion of Vocational Education delivering affordable, relevant, 21st century skills such as coding, web development, financial modeling, and digital marketing to the local, and through an online platform, increasingly global community. 

Innovation Center


Through a full calendar of events, the MaverixLab will serve as the epicenter of the Miami technology ecosystem. From co-working space, social events, conferences, hackathons and founder’s dinners to speeches from prominent entrepreneurs to event and art space, MaverixLab will grow to be the nucleus of the new, weightless economy.